How to find "The Right Garage Door"

Posted by John Bungarden on Thu, Sep 20, 2012 @ 03:43 PM

How much does it cost?  You can spend $600 to $6000 for one 9' x 7' garage door installed.  First determine the size of your doors.  Decide on a budget and shop on the web for style, construction and accessories.  Visit a showroom to see samples.  Most garage door companies provide free estimates and have software to create virtual photos of your garage with the new doors.  Be sure the door company visits your home before ordering.


How long does it take?  Delivery for custom products takes 3-5 weeks.  Satndard designs and sizes are normally in stock and can be scheduled in 1-2 weeks.  Job installation will normally take 5-8 hours.  Call your garage door company for inventory and scheduling details.


Does it come with a warranty?  Yes.  They can vary alot by manufacturer, product, even the environment.  You should also ask if they warranty the installation.  Contact your local garage door provider for specific information.


Can I install it myself?  It is not recommended as it can be dangerous, but if you are skilled in the use of power tools, have carpentry experience and mechanical aptitude, and will follow the manufacturers instructions, then you can try it.  Allow twice the time you anitcipate it will take.  We strongly advise hiring a professional garage door company.


Can I paint it?  Absolutely.  We suggest painting the door prior to installation to achieve the best coverage and appearance.  Manufacturers provide specific painting instructions.


Will my door require any maintenance?  A garage door adds value to your home both inside and out.  Just like servicing your car, washing machine, or furnace, your garage door and operating system has many moving parts and electronics that require periodic maintenance to promote reliability and a long life.  A Planned Maintenance Program is necessary to protect your investment and safety.


Will you service the door if anything breaks?  All professional garage door companies service the products they sell.  Most will also service other brands and offer 24 hour emergency service.


Will our old operator work with the new door?  Determine the garage door openers age.  If manufacturered prior to 1993, replacement is highly recommended because it won't meet UL 325 safety codes and replacement parts are usually not available.  Ask the garage door company if your new door is to large or heavy for your existing opener and if parts are available.