Why Call A Professional Garage Door Company?

Posted by John Bungarden on Thu, May 02, 2013 @ 03:24 PM

There are somethings you can do to keep your garage door working smoothly.  But there are also times when it's a lot smarter to call a professional garage door repair company.

Good things to do yourself:

  • Stick to the basics.  You can do simple preventative maintenance and make miner repairs easily, inexpensively and pretty quickly.  For example, lubrication of hinges, rollers, and springs.
  • Regular cleaning and inspection will help avoid serious problems and make your garage door last longer.  This is especially true in climates with harsh winters and dusty summers that increase 'wear and tear' of key moving parts.
  • Check out our Saftey & Security Blog.

Reasons for calling Overhead Door Co. of Duluth & Hibbing:

  • More involved repairs and replacing parts can be dangerous.  Your garage door can weigh more than 400 pounds, and the spring(s) are under tremendous pressure.  Anything strong enough to lift and lower your door can seriously injure or kill you and also do significant damage to your garage and its contents.  Calling Overhead Door Co. of Duluth & Hibbing is the snarter route to go.
  • We can get the work done right away.  This is especially important if your door isn't working, which could present a home security problem as well as hair pulling inconvenience.  For emergency calls we do our best to have same day service and get the problem fixed immediately!
  • Simply calling us will take less time than doing it yourself.  You won't have to waste time reading online 'how to' instructions or driving around town to find the right parts, etc.
  • Sometimes what's needed may not be obvious to you, whereas one of our experienced garage door repair professionals can identify and fix the problem right away.  Your door will be working properly again soon!
  • You know the work will be done correctly the first time.  If you don't do it right yourself, you may have to call a professional anyway to make things work smoothly.
  • Reputable professional Overhead Door Companies have everything they need...quality parts, the right tools, and expert know-hows ready to go when you call.

So if you're a DIY kind of person, go ahead and do the simpler, safer garage door maintenance and repairs yourself.  But when it comes to major work or parts replacement, calling Overhead Door Co. of Duluth or Hibbing will ensure quality, safety and peace of mind. 

If your in the Duluth or Hibbing area, call us at Duluth (218)722-2884 or Hibbing (218)262-3071!